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Operating since 1979, Lanoka Harbor EMS has been providing volunteer, non-profit emergency medical services in the Lanoka Harbor section of Lacey Township, and the surrounding communities as necessary. Our squad building is located at 305 Manchester Ave. Lanoka Harbor Emergency Medical Service’s membership is comprised of local residents who donate their time and energy in order to help provide emergent care to visitors and residents of the community. As of March 2013, there are over 60 members ready to respond to your call for help. There is no charge for this ambulance service! We are supported solely on citizen and business donations, as well as a yearly contribution from the Township. The squad is broken up into two different groups. There are members who respond during the day, and there are also “duty crews” at night. Duty crews are on call from 1800-0600. Day shifts do not carry an hour requirement, as we know members schedules vary from day to day. LHEMS is always looking for individuals that may wish to join the squad. If you wish to Fill out an Application or contact us at any time, please don’t hesitate to do so.

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Interested in becoming a member? There are many benefits, including free training, sense of community, and free contributions to a retirement plan.

Training Opportunities

View Lanoka Harbor EMS’s preferred training services. You can also view all NJ approved EMT CEU websites. LHEMS also offers low cost, local training.

Preparedness Center

Are you prepared? Visit the Lacey Township OEM Preparedness Center to learn how you can prepare for both natural and man-made disasters.

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Calling 9-1-1 can be one of the most stressful events of your life. View helpful information on what to do to assist us before we arrive.


The Lanoka Harbor EMS Fleet is comprised of six vehicles, three of which are ambulances, two of which are first response units, and one all terrain rescue vehicle. Regular maintenance of the fleet is performed by the First Lieutenant, who is assisted by the squad engineer. In 2012 Lanoka Harbor EMS acquired the most recent addition to the fleet, ASAP 266. The ASAP was awarded to Lanoka Harbor EMS through a 100% non-matching grant sponsored by The Department of Homeland Security.

This vehicle is a valuable addition to the fleet, increasing the capacity for exceptional patient care in Lacey Township and the surrounding  communities. ASAP 266 will be available to all EMS agencies in the surrounding area who may possess a need. Agencies may request the ASAP by Clicking Here and filling out the ASAP Request Form. All request will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.

Did you know…

An ambulance costs approximately $150,000.00, and generally costs about $6,000.00 per year to maintain?

Welcome to the online home of Lanoka Harbor Emergency Medical Services. At LHEMS, we strive for perfection in all we do. Our members are highly trained, and as such, are able to provide residents of The Township of Lacey, and the surrounding communities, with the highest standard of care. Lanoka Harbor EMS is a 100%  volunteer organization, which means two things for our residents. One- you will never see a bill from our agency. If you or your insurance company does receive a bill, it is most likely from Ocean County’s  ALS (Advanced Life Support) service, MONOC. If you are visiting this site to question or dispute a charge you have been assigned, you may do so with their company at this link. Two- in accordance with not receiving a bill from our agency, you will receive a letter requesting an evaluation of our services. Included in that letter will be the option for you to contribute financially to us. LHEMS can not stress enough the importance of the donations from Lacey Township’s residents. We are solely funded on your donations, along with a yearly contribution from the Township. Without the support of our residents, Lanoka Harbor EMS will ultimately be forced to seek funding in the form of insurance billing. This is not something we would prefer to be a part of, but unfortunately may be forced into.

With your help and support, Lanoka Harbor Emergency Medical Services can continue to set the standard in the emergency medicine field, as well as provide exceptional EMS coverage to The Township of Lacey.


Thank you again,

Christopher Zsido
Chief of EMS