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305 Manchester Ave, Lanoka Harbor, NJ

Lanoka Harbor EMS Apparatus

The Lanoka Harbor EMS Fleet is comprised of five vehicles- three ambulances, two one first response unit, and one all terrain rescue vehicle. In 2012 Lanoka Harbor EMS acquired the most unique addition to our fleet, ASAP 266, which was awarded to Lanoka Harbor EMS through a 100% non-matching grant sponsored by The Department of Homeland Security.

Did You Know...

...an ambulance costs approximately $205,000.00, and generally costs about $6,000.00 per year to maintain?

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What Our Vehicles Are Capable Of

All LHEMS vehicles are equipped with the best equipment available to ensure outstanding patient care, and reduce the risk of injury to our membership.

Large Scale Incident Response

Each ambulance is equipped with equipment to effective manage any large scale incident. Our first response unit carries specialized identification placards and vests to allow for quick and easy assigning of any ICS position.

Off Road/Rescue Response

ASAP 266, our off-road / all-terrain ambulance allows Lanoka Harbor EMS to respond to the numerous wooded areas in our community. We routinely make this unit available for other jurisdictions in the county/state.

Regular Interoperability Training

Our members routinely train with our colleagues from the township's fire and underwater rescue services to ensure that in the event of a multiagency event, there are no communication/procedural errors.

Request Our ASAP

ASAP 266 will be available to all EMS agencies in the surrounding area who may possess a need. All request will be considered on a first come, first serve basis. .