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Cost Recovery Summary

Effective February 10, 2017, Lanoka Harbor EMS, Inc. has implemented an EMS Cost Recovery Program.

Historically, Lanoka Harbor EMS was solely funded through an annual donation provided by The Township of Lacey, along with donations from residents and business. With this program, LHEMS funding will be augmented with revenue generated from this program. This augmentation will allow our agency to purchase new, safer vehicles and equipment, and outfit our members with appropriate safety equipment.
All patients who are treated and transported by a licensed Lanoka Harbor EMS ambulance will receive a bill for services rendered. Lacey Township will still provide an annual donation to LHEMS which will cover the cost of co-pays, deductibles, and other cost-sharing amounts which would otherwise have to be paid for by the patient. Lacey Township collects property taxes from residents, and uses a small portion of its collected revenue to cover these costs on behalf of Lacey Township residents.
If you are a Lacey Township resident, your deductible/co-pay will be covered by the annual donation the Township provides to us. If you are not a Lacey Township resident, you will be responsible for the remainder of your balance. You can use THIS LINK to ascertain and pay your balance.
Yes and No. LHEMS treats and transports all patients equally, regardless of insurance coverage. Implementing a cost recovery program such as ours, will positively affect the care our members are equipped to provide, by allowing us to purchase the most up-to-date, and safest equipment.

Remember: These fees are billed to a patient's insurance company only. A Lacey Township resident will never be held financially responsible for any charges.

Have a Question?

Lanoka Harbor EMS is available to speak with any resident to answer questions you may have regarding the cost recovery program. Feel free to contact our Headquarters at 609-693-2340 and request to speak with the Chief. If the Chief is not available, please leave a message and a return phone number and we will return your call as soon as possible.